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In fact one forward-thinking caravan manufacturer I know questions why you would fit a second deep cycle battery to your caravan or 4WD when a light, efficient generator like this (Yamaha EF2000iS) is more efficient.

Chris Fincham - RV Editor

Yamaha Generators Australia

With over 50 years of worldwide experience, Yamaha continues to set the benchmark when it comes to designing, testing and manufacturing generators. Yamaha confidently supply you with technologically advanced engines and Yamaha generators that are of the highest standards and the performance to match.

You can view our large range of dependable Yamaha Generators such as Yamaha inverter generators, online here and with a large distribution network, we are sure to have a Yamaha generator dealer near you.

Yamaha Inverter Generators

Yamaha's portable range of 4-stroke petrol powered inverter generators are the new wave in generator technology for when you need clean, high quality electricity in a compact, light weight package.  This means they are safe to use and easy to transport whether operating equipment in the field, four-wheel-driving, camping, fishing, using sensitive power tools or overcoming a power outage. You can trust in the quality of Yamaha inverter generators.


Check out the limited edition Yamaha Moto GP racing blue EF2000iSM



EF2800i - The Versatile, Powerful and Lightweight Inverter Generator.

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Full generator product Brochure (pdf)

Yamaha Generator Brochure

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