Yamaha's Range of Portable Inverter Generators

Yamaha's portable range of 4-stroke petrol powered inverter generators are the new wave in generator technology for when you need clean, high quality electricity in a compact and lightweight package. This means they are easy to transport when you are operating equipment in the field, four wheel driving, caravanning, camping, fishing, using power tools or overcoming a power outage.

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EF1000iS – 1 kVA Inverter Generator

This small but hardworking unit is perfect for camping, fishing, boating, the caravan, motorhome and RV, and will run all your sensitive electronic equipment and accessories.

EF2000iS – 2 kVA Inverter Generator

This overall best seller is great for recreational activities such as camping, fishing and boating. It’s also a great companion for the camper-trailer.

EF2000iSC – 2 kVA Inverter Generator with Camouflage Design

Powerful, portable and super sleek, this unit has all the great features that come with the EF2000iS, but in camouflage design!

EF2400iS – 2.4 kVA Inverter Generator

A 2.4kVA petrol powered inverter generator, the EF2400iS is our best seller for caravans, RVs and motor homes.

EF2800i – 2.8 kVA Inverter Generator

The lightest and quietest generator in its class, the EF2800i is able to power anything from power tools to sophisticated electronics including laptops, tablets and computers.

EF3000iSE – 3 kVA Inverter Generator

The ultimate generator on wheels, the EF3000iSE is capable of producing clean, quiet, high quality electricity around the home, caravan or motorhome and even on the construction site or market stall.

EF5500FW – 5.5 kVA Petrol Powered Generator

5.5 kW petrol powered generator with long range fuel tank. Great for tradies and industrial use.

EF6300iSE – 6.3 kVA Inverter Generator

The EF6300iSE quietly cranks out up to 6300 Watts of power to confidently run high-demand items like pumps and RV air conditioners, as well as sensitive equipment like plasma TVs and computers.

EF7200E – 6 kVA Petrol Powered Generator

Serious full time power with 14.7 hours of operation at 1/4 load without refuelling. Electric starter. Takes on heavy load items such fridges and air conditioners.

Generator Covers

Note: Images are for display purposes only. Product may differ from images displayed. Durable Covers for YAMAHA Generators These durable Sportsline Generators Covers from Yamaha are slim, stylish and practical. Their light-weight breathable material provides excellent storage protection from dust and other elements whilst not in use. Our Yamaha Generator Covers are available in a…

Parallel Kit for EF2200iS

What’s better than an EF2200iS? TWO EF2200iS! With Yamaha’s TwinTech parallel kit, you can hook up two EF2200iS units for almost double the power output, while retaining the voltage and frequency of a single unit. Linking 2 EF2200iS allows the flexibility to power more. When using for back up at home, link two of these for…

Remote Start Kit

Remote Start Kit for YAMAHA Generators Part No Description ACC-GNRST-30 Cordless remote start kit for EF3000iSE. Works up to 10 metres away. 7XF-Y8600-00 Cordless remote start kit to suit EF6300iSE 7VW-Y8720-A0 Remote start kit to suit EF6600 & EF7200E. ACC-GNRST-30 and 7XF-Y8600-00 need to be fitted in the factory prior to delivery Ready to find…

Note: Images are for display purposes only. Product may differ from images displayed.


Lightweight, silent, portable and easy to use... Yamaha generators are the versatile workhorses for every camper and caravanner.

More controlled, clean power

Yamaha's Inverter system produces AC current within a controlled electrical circuit process known as PWM (Pulse Width Modulation). As a result, fluctuations in engine speed do not affect the voltage or frequency of the electrical output while at the same time reducing output emissions.

Economy idle control

Bringing along a generator has never been quieter or easier. That's why Yamaha created Smart Throttle, a feature that automatically adjusts the engine speed to precisely match the load. Smart Throttle allows the generator to run quietly while increasing fuel efficiency, prolonging engine life and extending running time between refuelling.

Multi-polar alternator

The adoption of a Multi-Polar Alternator enables the generation of more efficient, high frequency, 3-phase AC current that the inverter then turns into single phase electricity. The high efficiency alternators on a Yamaha inverter achieve a much lighter and more compact generating unit than conventional 2-pole rotor type alternators.

Less than 2.5% Distortion Ratio

This means Yamaha inverter generators can be used with equipment that requires stable frequency and voltage, as defined by an ideal 'sine wave' when graphed, like products with built-in computer functions and microcomputer controlled equipment such as power tools and projectors.

Advanced sound reduction

Generating electricity used to be a noisy task. That's why Yamaha created Noise Block, an acoustically engineered sound reduction system. Noise Block technology utilises various sound absorbing materials, moulded cases, an intake silencer, fibre glass insulation, plus uniquely designed mufflers and fans to provide virtually silent running whilst maintaining quality performance. It also reduces electrical interference with TV and radio signals.


What make our generators the better choice


Hook up two generators of the same specification for almost double the power output, while retaining the same voltage and frequency of a single unit.

4-Stroke OHV Engine

Powerful performance, precise valve actuation, excellent heat dissipation, low fuel consumption and reduced noise level.

Oil Warning System

Engine stops automatically when oil level is low, prevents engine damage and minimises costly repairs.

Petrol Petcock

Reduces carburetor contamination during storage by turning off petrol flow and allowing it to run dry, Avoids petrol fumes and smells during transportation.

Electric Starter

Provides effortless starting, electric motor cranks generator until it starts.

Spark Arrestor

Keeps spark from exiting exhaust system to reduce risk of errant sparks causing a fire.

Auto Decompressor

Light recoil starting reduces compression for effortless starting.

Electronic Circuit Breaker

Cuts off current when output voltage exceeds the designated maximum output capacity.

Fuel Gauge

Displays fuel level without having to open the fuel cap.

Long Range Fuel Tank

Longer running time and less refuelling.

Electric Overload Breaker

Prevents generator damage in case of overload.

Brushless Alternator

Minimal maintenance, hassle-free service and clean output.

DC Output Capability

Convenient for battery charging.

Voltage Meter

Voltage confirmation at a glance.

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