Powerful yet portable generators suitable for camping, 4WD, 4x4, boating and any activity that require power in compact form. With Yamaha's renowned quality and 4 year warranty, you can focus on enjoying your trip and be rest assured that all your power needs are taken care of.

EF2200iS 2.2 kVA Inverter Generator

The EF2200iS strikes the perfect balance between power & portability. Powerful enough for appliances, tools & electronic devices without taking too much valuable space. It's the ideal generator for campers, caravanners, adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

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The Perfect Portable Generators for Camping

When you're out camping, you would still want to enjoy a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning, and a nice cold beer in the evening. Having access to power can make your outdoor adventures even more enjoyable. Yamaha range of camping generators are the lightest and quietest available, so they are perfect for using outdoors when you still want to soak up the serenity. With Yamaha's Noise Block technology, the generators run silently while maintaining quality performance. With our silent generator for camping, you and everyone around you would not be bothered by loud noises produced by most other brands.

The EF1000iS, and EF2000iS are some the most popular leading models of portable generators. They are the lightest and quietest models in their classes, and the excellent fuel efficiency ensures that you are not caught out with a dry generator in the middle of the night. Our range of camping petrol generators is suitable for camping sites, campervans and caravans. They comfortably power camp fridges, lights and sensitive electronics such as laptops, mobile phones and other gadgets.

Their portable and compact size ensure that they don't take too much precious space in your vehicle, leaving more room for other essentials such as travel accessories, food and clothing.

The EF2400iS & EF2800i are also great alternatives if you want that extra power for multi-purpose use such as blackout situations.

Features To Look For In A Camping Generator


When you go on a camping trip, you would want to bring equipment that are portable and easy to use. You wouldn't want to transport heavy equipment that are difficult to move and store. Our camping generators provide high power output in a small footprint, leaving you more space to pack your food, tent, bedding, fishing gear and other things that matter.

Clean Power

Most campers (except the really hardcore ones) rely on electronic gadgets during trips. This could include communication and navigation equipment, lighting, cooking and entertainment devices. Some even need to use laptops for work and research. Yamaha's inverter generators produce pure sine wave power which provides stable frequency and voltage to ensure your devices and sensitive electronics are sufficiently protected. With less than 2.5% Distortion Ratio, they are suitable to use with products with built-in computer functions and microcomputer controlled equipment such as power tools and projectors. The generators also feature an Electronic Circuit Breaker which will cut off current when the output voltage is more than the designated maximum output capacity. This protects both the generator and your connected equipment from damage.

Quiet Operation

When you're out in nature, you want to listen to birds chirping, stream running or trees rustling... not the rumble of a generator! Yamaha's Nose Block technology ensures that the generator is super quiet, silently working on petrol power while providing its maximum rated output.

Fuel Efficient

You do not want to carry too many jerry cans on your trip, but you also need sufficient amount of fuel to power your necessities. That is why Yamaha's range of generators offer superior fuel efficiency, which also serve to prolong the engine life and extend the running time between refuelling. This is achieved through Smart Throttle, where the generator automatically adjusts the engine speed based on the current load. Yamaha's camping generator range come in several fuel tank capacities fit for almost any type of outing.

Pat Callinan camping with a Yamaha EF2000iS generator