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  • EF1000iS

    1 kVA inverter generator (9.9MB)

  • EF2000iS/iSC

    2 kVA inverter generator (6.3MB)

  • EF2400iS

    2.4 kVA inverter generator (3.2MB)

  • EF2800iS

    2.8 kVA inverter generator (4.3MB)

  • EF3000iSE

    3 kVA inverter generator (7MB)

  • EF6300iSE

    6.3 kVA inverter generator (4.3MB)

  • EF5500FW

    5.5 kVA petrol powered generator (91.9MB)

  • EF7200FW

    6 kVA petrol powered generator (51.6MB)

  • Parallel Running Kit

    TwinTech connectors for EF2000iS/iSC and EF2400iS (753KB)

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