Yamaha Generators to Run Popular RV Air Conditioners

When you're camped out in the midst of summer, the temperature inside your caravan can get pretty high.

Your caravan will act like an oven, and on really hot days turning on the fan will only result in hot air being blown.

While air conditioners used to be impractical for mobile homes due to their price, size and power requirements, now there are more choices then ever for AC units that are fairly cheap, compact and efficient. Generator manufacturers are also aligning their product range (such as our caravan range) to match the needs of caravanners.

Here is a summarised list of Yamaha generators to power air conditioners in RVs and caravans, courtesy of MyGenerator based on the air conditioning products that they carry.

RV Roof Top Air Conditioners

Model EF2000iS EF2400iS EF2800i
Dometic Aircommand Sparrow
Dometic FreshJet 2200
Dometic CALR242
Truma Aventa Comfort
Houghton Belaire HB2400
Dometic Freshjet 3200
Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK4
Dometic Aircommand Ibis MK3
Dometic Aircommand Cormorant MK2
Dometic BR342
Dometic BR342 - Ducted Kit
Dometic Harrier Inverter
Houghton Belaire HB3400
Gree Roof Top Slimline
Houghton Belaire HB3500

RV Built In Air Conditioners - Wall Mounted

MODEL EF2000iS EF2400iS EF2800i
Dometic Aircommand Jabiru All-In-One
Dometic Aircommand Heron Q
Dometic Aircommand Heron 2.2

RV Built In Air Conditioners - Underbunk

MODEL EF2000iS EF2400iS EF2800i
Houghton Belaire HB9000
Truma Saphir Comfort