Yamaha Power Product Warranty

What products are covered by this warranty?

Yamaha portable generators and multi purpose engines.

Warranty periods.

Generators - 48 months from date of original purchase when used for personal or recreational purposes. (effective 1/9/2013) OR 12 months from date of original purchase when used for professional or commercial use. (effective 1/1/2013)

Multi purpose engines - 36 months from date of original purchase when used for commercial or personal purpose.

Who gives this warranty?

Welling & Crossley

What is covered under this warranty

Any failure which occurs within the duration of the warranty period which is the result of defects in materials or workmanship.

What IS NOT covered under this warranty?

  • Any failure that results from an accident, consumer's abuse, neglect or failure to operate the product in accordance with the instructions provided in the owner's manual(s) supplied with the product.
  • Pre-delivery set up which includes assembly.
  • Normal adjustments which are explained in the owner's manual provided with the product e.g. carburettor adjustments.
  • Any component not sold or manufactured by the Warrantor.
  • Items or service that are normally required to maintain the product e.g. spark plugs, filters, starter ropes, lubricants and periodic tune up service.

Responsibilities of Warrantor under this warranty.

Repair or replace components which have failed within the duration of the applicable warranty period at no cost to the owner.

Responsibilities of the Consumer under this warranty.

  • Deliver or ship the YAMAHA Product covered under this warranty to the dealer from whom it was originally purchased or the nearest Welling & Crossley sales and servicing dealer.
  • Freight costs, if any, will be borne by the owner.
  • Use reasonable care in maintenance, operation, and storage of the product as explained in the owner's manuals.

When Warrantor will perform obligation under this warranty.

  • Warrantable product failures will be scheduled and repaired according to the servicing location and depending on the availability or replacement parts.
  • If consumer does not receive satisfactory results from local servicing outlet Owner must contact Welling & Crossley Service Department.
  • Completion of the warranty card and forwarding of registration section to Welling & Crossley will assist in prompt action through the distributor/dealer network.
  • No other guarantees, written or verbal, are authorised to be made on behalf of Welling & Crossley. All other conditions and warranties whether express or implied, are to the extent permitted by Law, hereby excluded.

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