What to do if your generator won't start?

If your newly purchased generator won't start, please refer to these troubleshooting steps to get it going.

Yamaha Troubleshoot 1
Check #1

Is the engine switched on?

If the engine switch is in the 'STOP' position, the generator cannot be started.

There are also models that are equipped with an AC switch which is not related to the engine start up. The AC switch is simply used to control electricity output from the generator outlet to the device being connected.

Yamaha Troubleshoot 2
Check #2

Is there enough engine oil?

The Yamaha four-stroke generator is equipped with an oil-warning device to protect the engines of all models from damage. When the engine oil level is reduced below a specified level, the oil-warning device stops the engine automatically and restart becomes impossible. Restart can only be performed if the engine oil is replenished up to the specified level.

Since the required amount of engine oil and the oil level actuating the oil-warning device depend upon the model, refer to the instruction manual.

Yamaha Troubleshoot 3
Check #3

Is the fuel cock turned to ON?

If the generator has been filled with petrol but the fuel cock is in the OFF position, petrol will not flow. Switch the fuel cock to ON.