Buying and Using Inverter Generators

What’s an inverter generator?

If you’re looking to buy a generator for residential or other private use, then look no further than inverter generators. An inverter system stabilises the amount of voltage and frequency produced by a petrol driven alternator through the supply of sine wave electricity.

When most people think of generators, they are likely thinking of large, loud, and clunky machines that provide energy to industrial sites and businesses, and rarely for homes. Inverter generators new line of generators is more compact and quieter than their older counterparts. An inverter generator is a closed frame appliance, reducing its noise level. They are no bigger than a microwave and tend to weigh less than 100 kilograms. They come in different powers, from being able to power a couple thousand watts worth of appliances to triple that. So if you’re looking for an alternative power supply to the mains, or a backup in case your power goes out, look into inverter generators for sale in your area.

What are their advantages?

These aren’t the only perks to inverter generators. Thanks to technological advances, an inverter generator can cater to smaller usage, making them economically efficient and the ideal generator for home or occasional use. They are also ideal if your family likes the outdoors, and goes camping or boating. Say that for one moment in time you’re running a floor lamp that takes a 40W light bulb and a hair dryer that only takes 15W: that means you’re running a total 55W in your household. While an older generator that has a maximum wattage output of 2600W would run all 2600W to power the 55W of appliances and consume the same amount of fuel as it would if you had 2600W of appliances turned on, an inverter generator will only use the appropriate amount of gas or petrol to power the 55W. 55W vs. 2600W of petrol consumed… you don’t have to be a mathematician to understand how much money you can save with buying an inverter generator! Not to mention you’re helping the environment and the atmosphere by consuming that much less fuel.

What if I need more power?

If you need more wattage than the inverter generators for sale will supply, you can purchase two inverter generators, daisy chain them, and run them parallel to one another. Be sure to consult with your inverter generator dealer beforehand to make sure the models you’re buying can be hooked up to one another, and what kind of wiring is needed. Only selected models will allow this feature.

Look up which inverter generators for sale are available in your area. If you are buying a used inverter generator, be sure to ask for warranties and inspect the condition of the generator thoroughly. New inverter generators almost always come with warranties.